Sharps Private Reserve (Red, Green, Blue - Set of 3)

Sharps Private Reserve (Red, Green, Blue - Set of 3)

$ 100.00

There are only 1,000 sets, 600 of which were offered to the public. These are VERY rare and will never be printed again.

Other private reserve decks go for anywhere from $100-$150 a piece! These are currently priced at a steal, $75 per deck!

From Legends Card Co:

Condition: "As Issued," BRAND NEW, Sealed

From Legends Playing Cards...

The rare deck from our test labs with factory printed shade and a new finish! We printed 1,000 decks in 3 color variations. Around 600 total will ever be for sale.

Decks with similar technology but made by hand by professional cheaters cost well over $150 a piece!

A closely guarded secret in the playing card world. Sent out to select individuals over the past year, nearly every person who received the deck had no clue the power it contained. The secret is now out and ready to be shared to those who are knowledgeable in gambling technique** - but we highly recommend you keep this to yourself.

The marking system is so subtle that even the best minds in magic have not spotted the marks. Though similar in look and inspired by David Blaine's White Lions, the marking method is completely different. We recommend you keep this a close secret.

These decks feature factory printed white on white 'shade'. A process which is extremely difficult and required extensive experimentation to get right. This means that to the naked untrained eye, it is very difficult to see parts of the back that jump around or move when the 'riffle test' is performed. Nor will the coating be affected like similar and expensive decks which are juiced by hand.

Printed right after our inaugural print run in 2012, these decks use what we now call our Classic Finish* card stock. A softer and more flexible stock than Diamond Finish, with more of a 'paper' feel. It is reminiscent of decks from USPCC's glory days in the 90's. Of course they are cut with what we call our Diamond Cutting process, which yields extremely smooth edges, a boon to card handlers.