Heretic Lux & Noctis (set of 2)

Heretic Lux & Noctis (set of 2)

$ 50.00

Condition: "As Issued," BRAND NEW, Sealed

Heretic Playing Cards is a heresy in many ways. The theme is based on alchemy and the hermetic world.
Salt (for the Jacks), Sulfur (for the Queens) and Mercury (for the Kings) are the three basic ingredients of the alchemist.


  • Poker size
  • 57 cards (52 + 3 jokers +1 double backer +1 gaff-card)
  • Master finish
  • 8500 in production (4400 Heretic Lux, 4100 Heretic Noctis)
  • 240 uncut sheets in production (120 for each type)
  • Heretic Lux: custom Tuck-box with embossing, inside graphics
  • Heretic Noctis: custom Tuck-box with embossing, foiling
  • custom seals with number
  • 58th card only for Kickstarter Backers (not in the tuckbox)
  • Limited Edition