Blue LTD Private Reserve (signed, Peter McKinnon)

Blue LTD Private Reserve (signed, Peter McKinnon)

$ 100.00

This is a signed Blue LTD Private Reserve deck signed by Peter McKinnon. 

**It does not come with lucite case. It's sealed, but the cellophane has been removed in order to sign on the tuck box.

The term 'Private Reserve' originates from the wine industry, where a small amount of a particularly good vintage was cellared off by the vintner rather than sold with the majority - often kept for consumption by the winemaker himself (as he knew just how good these bottles would be). Due to only the finest vintages being 'Reserved' and the limited number of bottles receiving special treatment - these wines became highly valued if ever they were made available.

It's in the spirit of the Master Vinter (and Pete's love of wine) that we are proud to present the Private Reserve Blue LTD.

Created by USPCC and Peter McKinnon; designer of the original LTD Deck, the Private Reserve deck was sequestered from the First Edition print run of Blue LTDs and closed with the commemorative P:M signature deck seal. Outside of these cases, only one Private Reserve deck exists, auctioned off for over $500 on eBay.

Each deck has been hand-autographed in Metallic Ink by Peter McKinnon; his personal 'stamp of approval' and is mounted in a transparent Lucite case for display. Only 50 of these Limited Edition display pieces will ever exist. The case is accented by stainless steel hardware - which allows for removal of the deck should ever it be needed.

With a single issue of just 50 decks, these will not last long. Add one to your cart now before they're all gone.